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Heather Thompson

Mission - Powerpack

Ministry -  To empower and equip Children and Childres Leaders. 

Service - Long Term

Location - Worldwide


Heather is the director of Powerpack Ministries whose vision is to see children raised up as God Chasers and Nation Shakers.


Heather trains children's leaders and writes resources both in the UK and overseas. She also leads children's groups at Spring Harvest, Faith Camp and River Camp that involve hundreds of children between the ages of 5 and 11. 


Heather is also often asked to preach in churches across the world and co-leads a ministry called 'Revival Bridge' which brings leaders from the revival in Argentina to minister in this country and takes people to that country to experience revival first-hand.

Check out the Powerpack Ministries for more info about Heather and her ministry

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