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New Life Church (formerly Kingfield Baptist Church) was started in 1929 as a Sunday School outreach from Percy Street Baptist Church in Woking.  A canvas tent was erected opposite a new housing estate and within a few short weeks adults also began to attend.


Our current site was given to the church by H.O. Serpel JP in July 1929. 

 It initially had some old stabling on it but the initial building was started in January 1930 and opened on 5 March 1930.

In 1956 Kingfield Baptist Church was established as an independent church with 91 foundation members.  In 1986 following a difficult period in the life of the church it merged with another group called New Life Church, which had left a local Anglican church a few years previously.  The two churches merged taking on the premises of Kingfield Baptist and the name of New Life Church.

There have been ups and downs in the life of the church, with periods of significant growth and painful divisions.  While we celebrate all the good in the past, we have acknowledged the pain and sought to bring healing.  There have been 10 lead pastors at New Life Church between 1930 and 2008.  There was a long interegnum before our present (11th) pastor was appointed in 2012.

This is a pamphlet distrubted about the church pre-1960

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