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Kingfield ARC

Responding to local need in the South Woking area and beyond. 

From the Biblical story of Noah, the Ark is an ancient symbol of safety and protection from the storms of life. From the same story, the rainbow is a symbol of hope and promise of better things. 


Combining these two symbols, Kingfield ARC aims to be a place of safety that offers acceptance, restoration and compassion for those facing particular difficulties and - through education, advice and mentoring - seeks to provide hope for the future for individuals and their families. 


A brief timeline of how the ARC started and developed :

  • 2013 - A need arose for food and the South Woking Foodbank was born. 

  • May 2015 - Taste and See ( later MAKE LUNCH) was created to help out children who might not be able to have a full lunch every day during the holidays. 

  • 2017 - CAP Life Skills course, designed to help people manage money on a budget while living healthily. 

  • The near future - CAP Release Course to help people overcome addictions. 

  • Develop a Parenting course to help parents give their children the best foundation possible. 

To help in any way, please contact Hazel Koch (Associate Pastor) here

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