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NAME: Intercession Group

FACILITATOR: Claire Richardson

LOCATION: New Life Church

DAY / TIME:  Monday 9.30-10.30am

DESCRIPTION: We are a small group, open to anyone who feels prompted to join us for prayer/intercession.  We start with Scripture ( usually one of the Psalms). We have no agenda, and try to pray as the Lord leads.  This is sometimes surprising, but always "right"!  Our prayers can include issues within NLC, requests for healing, prayers for the Woking community, the nation, the world, all as the Lord leads.


If you would like to join us, you’d be very welcome.  

Art Group

NAME: Art Group

FACILITATOR: Claire Richardson


DAY / TIME: Tuesday 2 - 4pm (during term time)

DESCRIPTION:  You do not have to be an artist/painter to come to this, and Claire who leads us is not a teacher!  However, you will have fun in 'playing' with the paints (either watercolours, poster or powder paints). All materials provided.

You will learn that making marks on paper can be inspirational, fascinating and therapeutic!  A small charge of £1 per session helps to cover costs of materials.


We usually start with a short Bible verse, a prayer and/or some other suggestion, and then see where the Lord leads!  Afterwards we share what we have done. Do come and try it!  All are welcome!

Art Club
Marriage Course

NAME: Marriage Enhancement

FACILITATOR: Bobby & Carrie Stephens


DAY / TIME: Wednesday  Evenings

START DATE:  To be announced

DESCRIPTION: A popular, non-threatening & well received Course designed to make good marriages better!   There will be no need to share personal stories, information or experiences with the wider group!  

Marriage Course
Alpha Course



FACILITATOR: Andrew Bates and Paul Edwards




DAY / TIME:  Tuesdays 10am and Thursdays  7.30-9pm


START DATE: 28th September and 30th September


DESCRIPTION: The Alpha course is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each weekly video talk looks at a different question around faith followed by a group discussion, and an opportunity to ask any questions. The Alpha course runs over 10 weeks, including an away day. Each session starts with coffee and we will break halfway for a piece of homemade cake or two. The group will be made up of team and participants.

Focus on Israel

NAME: Focus on Israel


FACILITATOR: Malcolm & Rosemarie Parker




DAY / TIME: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 8-10pm

DESCRIPTION: A monthly opportunity to pray for the national of Israel and the Ministry supported by NLC in Israel.


Aliyah Course

NAME: Aliyah Course


FACILITATOR: Malcolm & Rosemarie Parker




DAY / TIME: Various times during the year.




DESCRIPTION:  'Bring them Home' Aliyah describes the movement of the Jews from across the world returning to Israel and their ancestral roots.  This course, written by one of our missionaries - Pat Frame, explores the biblical roots, prophetic significance and practical work of Ezra International.



House Group

NAME: House Group (Life Application)


FACILITATOR: Peter & Yvonne Edwards




DAY / TIME: Wednesdays, 8pm


START DATE: 10th January

DESCRIPTION: House group based on friendship, support, prayer and life application. This would include looking at the bible and praying.  However the primary focus would be on supporting each other in our daily lives.


MAX: 12 People

House Group
Freedom in Christ
Freedom in Christ

NAME: Freedom in Christ


FACILITATOR: Karen & Alan Nelson




DAY / TIME:  Thursdays at 10am


NEXT START DATE:  9th September 2021


DESCRIPTION: “Freedom in Christ” is a DVD driven teaching and ministry course which reminds us of the Biblical foundation of the freedom that is ours through Jesus, and offers practical ways to live in the benefit of that freedom.

Ideal for all who wish to move forward in freedom!  Also of value to those who might be new to the church and wishing to explore some of our underlying Biblical values.

Bible, Coffee & Chat

NAME: Bible, Coffee & Chat

FACILITATOR: Karen Nelson & Nicky Bill


DAY / TIME:  FRIDAYS 9.45 - 11.30am

START DATE: Term times only

DESCRIPTION:  We are a group of ladies that does life together. We study the Bible to understand who God is and what living for God means in our everyday individual lives.  It’s about growing together, learning from God and each other. The group is very open, accepting, honest and loving.

Children are most welcome.

Bible, Coffee & Chat
Exegetical Bible Study
Bible Study & Friendship

NAME: Exegetical Bible Study

FACILITATOR: Guy Cosnahan​


DAY / TIME: Wednesday 8 - 9.30pm

START DATE: 10th January


DESCRIPTION: ​Bible study, prayer and friendship.


There will be a time for pastoral prayer in each session.

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