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Youth on Friday

What we do: Friday nights are full of fun, friends and fellowship!!
We meet to hang out, play some crazy games, have discussions on
topics which affect daily life, compete in challenges and there are social
events each month! 


Friday evenings are a great time to chill out with
friends after a busy week!

Who for: Yr7 upwards

When: Fridays 7.30pm-10pm


 Youth on Sunday

What we do: Sunday mornings we meet to take a closer
look at the Bible, discuss what it has to say and figure
out how we can implement it in our daily lives.


We split into two age groups:

Younger Youth (Yr7-Yr9) & Older Youth (Yr10+)

and lookat the Word in different ways to make it easily accessible
for everyone to understand and grow in faith together.

Who for: Yr7 upwards

When: Sundays 10.45am-11.30am


Youth on Friday

Youth-Led Service

What we do: On the 2nd Sunday of every month, the youth lead the evening service.

We have an amazing time of worship, guest interviews and inspirational talks.

Who for: Everyone!

When: 2nd Sunday 6:30pm – 8pm


Youth House Group

What we do: On the 4th Sunday evening of every month.

We have an informal group time, getting together with friends.

Who for: Yr 8 upwards  

When: 4th Sundays 6pm – 8:30pm

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